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59 Things

Quite Simply, The Best 1-Day Supply Chain Workshop, EVER.

Are you a Supply Chain Executive that’s…

Not achieving your ideal service levels

Suffering with high supply chain cost

Needing better results from your team

Confused with changes in technology

If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above, don’t worry, you are not alone. The vast majority of Supply Chain Executives struggle with these same issues.

Discover 59 Things To Boost Your Supply Chain Performance and Career

Over the last 20 years Rob O’Byrne has personally coached over 5,000 people to achieve better Supply Chain Performance. As a result, many of Rob’s clients have achieved great business and career success. During this time, Rob has refined his methodology into 59 “tried and tested” strategies.

Now for the first time ever, Rob is going to share all 59 Things that he’s DEVELOPED and he’s going to do it all in just one day. For a limited time, this brand-new event is just $59!

NOTE: This event will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It’s open to all current and aspiring Supply Chain Executives that are ready to achieve breakthrough results.

Why You’d Be Crazy to Miss this One-Day Workshop

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Here’s what you’ll learn at 59 Things…



•  The Easy 1 page strategy process

•  The 3 essentials to include

•  The 4 steps to developing strategy

•  Communicating strategy effectively


•  What to measure and why

•  Why all suppliers are not equal

•  3 important KPIs to manage suppliers

•  Total cost of ownership


•  What is SLOB stock and why it’s bad

•  Inventory management 123

•  3 common mistakes in managing inventory

•  Why inventory puddling happens

•  Do you need an inventory system


•  What is it and do you need it

•  Common mistakes in S&OP

•  3 Approaches to S&OP


•  4 key aspects of warehouse management

•  What is a WMS and do you need one


•  4 ways to reduce freight costs

•  3 tricks freight companies might play on you


•  What customers value

•  Why you need to segment customers

•  How to do it

•  The best way ever, to measure customer service


•  Essential SCM systems

•  Blockchain, what is it and do I need it?


•  The 7 steps to outsourcing success

•  Is outsourcing for you and if not, why not?

•  Common outsourcing mistakes

•  Key elements of an outsourcing contract


•  KPIs 101

•  Structuring KPIs

•  Managing with KPIs

•  What KPIs to use

Award Winning Coach, Consultant & Respected Author

Rob O’Byrne is an award-winning entrepreneur, consultant, international speaker and author of 5 highly popular books on Supply Chain.

A 40-year veteran of the industry Rob has established and operates a number of businesses in Supply Chain Consulting, Education and Events.

 His Supply Chain Events, now in their 21st Year are always popular with industry professionals wanting to boost their personal and business results with his easy to understand step by step tips and techniques.

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We’ve all heard the saying “80% of success is just showing up” right? And here at Supply Chain Leaders Academy, we always like to reward those who take action and commit to their education.

So, just for showing up on the day at our Supply Chain workshop, you will get:

  • Full Day Supply Chain Seminar
  • Full Catering ($95 a head)
  • Supply Chain Book ($47)
  • Articles and Infographics on Key Topics
  • Prize Draw at Each Break
  • Charity Donation Made of $9 per head
  • 4 x Online 90-minute Education Videos Valued at $175
  • $500 Discount Voucher for Supply Chain Leaders Academy
  • Total Value to guests of $826

All of this for ONLY $59

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